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Updated on Friday, June 20


OMG: What are your thoughts on long distance relationships? Is there a certain amount of distance that would you consider a deal breaker? State female or male


  1. male: i would say no more than 1-2 hour's drive away or i really won't be able to do it.
    for me relationships should have more than an ideological place within my life. i need there to be a physical being within my daily life to look forward to interacting on a personal level for me to feel fulfilled in a relationship. physical includes BUT NOT LIMITED TO bangtimez

  2. Female: I think it would depend on how often the two people can manage to travel and meet up. Two hours is no better than 16 hours away if you can't manage to see each other in person reasonably frequently. A long distance relationship where a couple is separated for many months is really only acceptable to me if the couple has been together for years and has an understanding that the separation is temporary.

  3. Female: I'm in a long distance relationship relationship right now. I used to think, "I could never do a long distance relationship" but we reached a point where we wanted to at least try. The lack of physical presence is really annoying sometimes but as long as both parties are always communicating and still happy I think it still works.

  4. Female: long distance relationship for 4 years. Got married. Trust plays a huge role. Did i mention, we lived in different continents? :)

  5. Female: distance doesn't matter but as long as we can meet up at least once a week, it would be okay. and 4, good job!

    1. That statement is funny because distance does matter, and it just means you're only willing to go up to a 2/3-hour drive...
      It's impossible to meet up once a week if you're in different continents, and impractical if you live 5 hours away from each other.

  6. Female: For a newish relationship (under 6 months) I would want at least within an hour trip and see each other at least twice a week. For longer relationships I'll do long distance as long as there's an end date to being apart. Indefinite separation is the worst part for me.

  7. I've done the 12 hour time difference.