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Updated on Friday, June 20


OMG: Today, after many years, I learnt that "Fuck bitches get money" doesn't mean "Have sex with women and get money" but rather "Disregard bitches and get money". My life is a lie.


  1. that moment when god shits on you like, what is the meaning of life anymore? we must not be sad

  2. Damn, had sex with all the can't fulfill plan...

    1. Well, the actual meaning doesn't say you can't have sex with bitches... it's just not a necessity for the actual definition as it is for his misinterpretation of it. Essentially it means disregard being bogged down by women and focusing on maintaining long term relationships and rather focus on attaining wealth, however having sex is not against the rules of "fuck bitches, get money". In fact some could argue the "fuck bitches" part is a double entendre and you may in fact have to have sex with women in order to follow the rules of "fuck bitches, get money"... however, these women must be women who you are not in long term relationships with.

  3. Do you even Joseph Ducreux?

  4. "lie's" harsh. not so well thought out? mebbe