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Updated on Tuesday, June 17


OMG: I am trying to get over a break-up right now, and I just want someone to tell me that everything will be okay, I will move on, and I will meet new people.

MOD'S NOTE: Everything will be okay, you'll move on, and you'll meet new people soon enough!


  1. It's going to be hard for awhile but I promise it will be okay soon! Remember all the other things that make you happy, and one day you'll meet someone else when the time is right. Good luck! You can do it.

  2. I was in a six year relationship and have now been single for two years. It got better, I moved on... I've met nobody since.

  3. Hey, it'll be alright. Everything will gradually come back to normal, including you. It will suck in the beginning, you'll have moments where you regret and miss not being together anymore, but remember: you broke up for a reason. Keep that reason in mind at those moments.

    Don't be with someone who doesn't want to be with you. You're better than that, and one day you will meet someone who does. I just ended a four year relationship a couple of months ago too. Things sucked, they still suck sometime, but I keep myself busy, and talk to my friends at times when I feel lonely. You can cope, I am sure of it. And you'll move on too. :)

  4. Aw, the Mod's note is nice. Don't worry OP, hang in there and be thankful for all the privileges we take for granted. Look at things in'll get better. :)

  5. Its going to suck FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Turn that shitty feeling into motivation and better yourself, hit the gym etc.

    Thats what I did, then I fucked a chick 20 times hotter than my ex.

  6. I am also trying to get over a break-up. I tell myself to suck it up and set a goal to focus on myself until I meet my Mr.Right. Do some meditation and keep yourself busy.

  7. I don't know if I'm being an asshole going against the general sentiments expressed so far or not, but here it is:

    Not everything is going to be okay, not everything is going to work out, you might not move on, and you may not meet new people. But then again, everything might. It will all depend on you. It'll depend on whether or not you WANT any of those things and whether or not you actively work towards achieving that.

    Things don't just magically work out and fall into place. Don't expect to just wake up one day and have everything better. It's a process and you need to be an active participant in it.