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Updated on Monday, June 16


OMG: Playing hooky in university is not fun compared to highschool. I feel so guilty... yet I can't focus in class either...


  1. I feel the exact opposite. I never skipped class in high school; there was too much of a chance that I'd get caught since they mark you absent/present for each class and call home if you miss any. It was great doing it in university because no one cared if I was there or not. Plus, my high school was in a hick town so it's great being able to skip out now and actually do stuff in town.

  2. The best moment in my university career was when I realized that I didn't have to go to class to learn.

    On the other hand, I pay $6k in tuition per semester to write assignments and sit exams.

    1. And that's when you realize a lot of wow I'm literally teaching myself and I'm getting ripped off for this piece of paper.

  3. Well, to be fair, no one who goes to class to learn likes being distracted by you browsing Facebook during a lecture....
    (Yes I know it's my own fault for looking, but, it can be very difficult to look away when you're lurking people I know)