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Updated on Saturday, June 14


OMG: Can anyone tell when you dropped a course? I am going to get a WD but since I have to take it again anyway I figure I might as well wait till all the notes are posted near the end of the term.


  1. Drop it now so you can get a tuition refund!


    This page will tell you the various deadlines for the different dropping periods. Depending on when you drop the course, there are different consequences (the earlier you drop the better). If you drop now, you get a 50% tuition refund on the course and the course shows up on your transcript as a WD (withdraw) with no mark assigned. After June 20, you get no refund. After July 11, you get a WF (withdraw/fail) and a mark of 32% is assigned (i.e. it will affect your average).

    1. I am aware of this but I don't think I'll get a refund anyway cause I'm taking more than 5 courses (counting labs)

    2. to 2a, course refunds are not based on the course load, its based on individual courses. You are paying per class, per lab. You are not paying for the term as a whole.

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