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Updated on Thursday, June 12


OMG: Is it me or is everyone that knows how to photoshop a "model" these days and everyone that can afford a DSLR a "photographer?"


  1. I'm all for people having their own hobbies, and photography doesn't seem like a bad one. But it is funny seeing people upload random pictures of clouds or the skyline with "____ Photography" watermarked

  2. There's a difference between being a "photographer" and a "professional photographer". If you've never made money off it and haven't got a proper portfolio to show clientele, you're not a professional. It's just a hobby.

  3. I agree, OP.
    I debated for months about starting a photography page because I am serious about it, but I didn't want to be just another person with a DSLR making a page.

  4. I have a few friends that are "photographers"
    When their pictures pop up on facebook, sometimes I just cringe and think, wow you seriously need to learn to photoshop better. Or at least find some better looking models.

    1. Why should a photographer's work be based on how a model looks? Sure, if their expression or positioning is awkward, that's one thing. But commenting on their appearance is completely different.

  5. People have to start somewhere!

  6. I remember the days when I would go out with my dad's old SLR then spend hours developing photos in my high school's dark room. It took longer and the results are probably not as nice as a decent DSLR with a good lens, but I felt like I was actually doing something real. That and the bit of unavoidable grain you get at 400 ISO still make the prints feel special to me. Man, I remember messing around with filters to get the contrast just right, or messing with the development process to create different effects and filters. Those were the days.

  7. If you can take a photo, you're a photographer. It's when people start charging pro'photographer rates for poor quality photos that bothers me. I also hate when photonoobs use watermarks. Also, don't hate on people who can afford and bought DSLRs. DSLRs give people the impression they're good and could actually encourage people to take more creative shots.