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Updated on Monday, June 9


OMG: When asked whether or not Muslim girls date, a reply on Spotted phrased it this way: "That depends on what you mean by "date", but the way im sure youre intending the use the word, no. muslim girls, through independent personal decision should they choose to follow their religion, generally do not take multiple sexual partners throughout their lives but rather seek to find a husband and stable marriage, and the whole matter is regarded and conceptualized within a different paradigm and value system"
I've never read anything articulated so well, so I thought I'd share.


  1. Thanks for sharing, we already saw it on Spotted. Tired of religion posts everywhere.

  2. I once "dated" an awesome Muslim girl. We just hung out and cuddled every day, nothing more. Didn't end up going anywhere, but I did feel like I got to know her 100 times better than any of my past girlfriends where it was all about sex.

    1. Curious, why'd you guys break up?

    2. if your past girlfriends were all about sex then you weren't even doing it right. a good relationship is based on both sex and intimacy.

    3. @2b, what makes you qualified to define what a "good relationship" is?

  3. ^ unless you're asexual obviously