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Updated on Thursday, June 5


OMG: Had to laugh while writing a physio midterm since someone complained about a girl wiggling the entire table with her Jiggling Leg Syndrome in DC 1350 to the prof just as I read the question asking about Parkinsons Disorder. 2 SOON MICHAEL J FOX?


  1. too soon man, too soon

  2. Yeah, funny shit that Parkinsons disease. Nothing more funny than a degenerative neurological disorder. Fucking hilarious. /end sarcasm

    1. Yeah, not really amusing at all.. You'd think knowing what it does to people would be enough to stop OP from typing that shit out.

  3. That isn't funny OP, why even post this you dickbag? Parkinsons is horrible. And to think, you're probably a pre-med or pre-health.