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Updated on Thursday, June 5


OMG: Would you stop using fucking speakerphone on the bus. Also, stop blaring your god awful music on the bus. Stop blaring music in general on the bus. All I want is a peaceful ride.


  1. This drives me nuts. And technically the bus drivers are supposed to do something about it because it's prohibited on the bus (if you look at the sign up on all the buses about the rules). Happens every time I'm on the subway in Toronto and it's terrible. I don't know whats worse: the terrible music choice or the terrible music quality.

  2. #1, I know what you mean. If you have ever ventured into the depths of scarborough on transit, you will see scum like this everywhere. Most of them are teenage waste yutes or high school drop out waste "manz". Best part is, they rap along to their shitty music as if playing it out loud wasn't good enough.