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Updated on Thursday, June 5


OMG: I'm in a program where basically everyone knows each other. I just found out that there are two parties happening this weekend held by people in our program, people I hang out with occasionally. And I didn't get invited to any of them. I know its such a high school thing to worry about, but it still makes me feel shitty.


  1. Damn, sorry to hear that OP. Being excluded really sucks...

  2. Want to know the most likely reasons why you weren't invited?

    A) They didn't know you'd be interested, since you never invite them to anything and just figured you're not that interested in hanging with them

    B) They don't like you

    More than likely it's because of reason A. Invite them to whatever parties you may be holding, or even just to hang out. How the hell is anyone supposed to know you like them (as friends) if you just sit around waiting to be invited to shit?

    If it's reason B, figure out why and fix it. Sitting around pitying yourself because you didn't get invited to a party is stupid.

  3. If it's a large house party type thing you usually don't need to get an invite. Just show up with some other people you know. It's not they'll kick you out. At least it has never happened to me even when I didn't know the host that well and came with other people that the host didn't even know.

  4. Did you ask them what they were doing this weekend too and they specifically didn't invite you? Because usually if you make it clear that you're looking for something to do this weekend they'll invite you, not knowing otherwise that you'd be interested. If you did though and they still didn't invite you it's probably option B that 2 mentioned...

  5. OP here
    @2 I do invite them to things, we've went out to eat several times. And attended various events.
    @4 I did ask them what they were doing this weekend, and they just replied with "nothing much"

    1. It's option 2 then. Crash that party with some real friends and make them feel like shit.

  6. I'm curious, how big is your program?

  7. OP, these people aren't your friends. You should know what you've done wrong to distance yourself. And if you haven't done anything wrong.....fuck them, get some self-respect, and make some real friends.