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Updated on Saturday, May 31


OMG: You said you wouldn't be an asshole if I told you how I truly felt. You've done the exact opposite. Thanks.


  1. being truthful isn't being an asshole

    1. OP here,

      The situation was that I asked if I told my good friends omething personal about how I felt about him if things would still be the same. He said that we will always be friends no matter what comes between us. He has cut ties with me since.

  2. Yeah this is bullshit. If women do this they get demonized for being cold bitches and friendzoning and whatever, if a guy does it "he doesn't owe you anything" or "you probably deserved it". Being empathetic to the feeeemales is just soooooo hard.

    OP, there are definitely people in my life that this has happened with for me. They ended up not being worth my time, so it was kinda like a litmus test! Sorry this happened.

  3. shut the fuck up

  4. Did you admit you had feeling for him and then he peaced? Because then that could be valid, if he was trying to help you get over it or he didn't want to lead you on. Although he could have also just been a dick.
    Or did you tell him something else? Because if you did there's a boatload of options and if he wasn't expecting whatever you said and it was super weird then mayyyybe it's valid......