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Updated on Wednesday, May 14


OMG: Sometimes, the shittiness of D2L makes me want to cry.


  1. feel free to code a better system

    1. I have actually considered this many times. D2L has no mobile support, not even a simple one to just download files. And a shortage of features which requires profs to often go to other products like Piazza etc.

      Me, and I am sure many other CS students could easily make lots of improvements to D2L. The problem is that there is no monetary gain in it for the hours spent. The education software market is so saturated that a startup in that space would be stupid in my opinion. And the best Waterloo could hire from this deep pool is D2L? Its sad.

      God knows what they hire all those co-ops for every term?

    2. @1.a:
      Ace was a lot worse and the Learn update this term is pretty solid.
      UW is (apparently) a couple versions behind from what D2L is offering so I wouldn't blame D2L too much.

  2. Feel free to share your (constructive) comments - I'll try and forward them.

  3. do you even uwace? because it seems you don't....

  4. Have you ever used UW-Ace? oh wait probably not!