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Updated on Monday, January 20


OMG: From what I'm reading it's like this epic story of intrigue and bravery has been unfolding at our own Counselling Services. People are referring to it like Lord of the Rings now.


  1. ASKs #5754 post @6g has this cast of characters
    Sauron: Counseling Service's director's bosses and source of power
    Saruman: CS director (Dr R)
    Wormtongue: associate director doing Saruman's bidding, or Mr M
    Gollum: Dr W,
    Gandalf: Dr M

  2. How about Star Wars?
    Dr R and Mr M: Sith lords (Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.)
    Dr M.: Obi-Wan

    1. Yeah, unfortunately for her there's been no rebel alliance, just her.

  3. No Fellowship of the Ring either. I wish I could email her and send my support for fighting single-handedly against sexual harassment and reprisal for years to try making the campus safe for herself to work, and for other UW women. She was unsuccessful, after exhausting every avenue by the looks of it.

    Maybe we can fight for her a little. We're looking into organizing a rally. If you have any ideas for this, let us know.

  4. Thx for links. Just a few questions.
    1. How does a UW counseller keep his job after the HRTO found him guilty of sexual harassment?

    2.Did he get ANY punishment from the university after that?

    3. Why could he choose not to get cautioned by the police?

    4. What did the 5 week police investigation find?

    5. How can we find out the details of that investigation?

    6. Why is UW backing him rather than the victim by not restricting him and not protecting her?

    7. Did UW put ANY safeguards in place for Dr M after Mr M was found guilty by the HRTO?

    8. Did UW put any safeguards in place for UW women after Mr M was found guilty by the HRTO?

    9. Did Waterloo Police put any safeguards in place for UW women as a result of their investigation?

    10. Are Waterloo Police tracking this counsellor on UW staff?

    11. Why was nothing done by UW to protect UW women from Mr M after this verdict?

    12. Why is Mr M still allowed to meet vulnerable young women alone at Counselling Services behind closed doors?

    13. Will Mr M be allowed to have Dr M report to him at Counselling Services?

    14. Do Mr M's current and future clients know what he did?

    15. If so, who tells them what he did?

    16. How many people on campus care and how can we find out?

    17. If the HRTO said Dr M's "testimony before the Tribunal was remarkably detailed, forthrightly given, occasionally emotional and absolutely consistent" what made them stop finding against UW for their reprisals against her?

    18. Why is this not bigger news and can we increase campus awareness?

    19. How can the campus community show our support for Dr M and her efforts to keep herself and UW women safe?

    20. How can students show our mass criticism of UW leaders' failings to keep UW women safe from a perpetrator on UW payroll as a counsellor so that they fire him?

    1. Put those questions in an email, and send it to police services, UW's HR department, the ombudsperson's office, the head of counselling services, the provost, the women's centre, imprint, and the record.

      See how much of the story you can get from them.

      Also, you might be able to use access to information legislation to find out details of the investigation. But that could take months.

  5. What's the status of Counselling Service's Associate Director job posted 2013 July here and referred to at this ASK @6a?

    That powerful role will centrally affect Counselling Services staff there for years to come. Their salary will be paid for by UW students' Student Services Fee.

    After talking with my friends we're concerned there's biased treatment of staff depending on what side of the sexual harassment case they were on. Perks or punishment could be handed out through this hiring.

    What guarantees will the UW student body see that the hiring process and decision will be fair and unbiased?

    What proof of transparency for this hiring process can UW students see?

    The person in that role will have direct power over Dr M and it's important to the UW community that she be protected from a biased UW administration.

    Who applied?

    Who makes the hiring decision, one person or a group?

    If a group, who is on it and how were its members picked?

    What's the hiring process?

    Has the position been filled and if not, what's the timeline?

    Given the Director of Counselling Services Dr R's treatment of Dr M in the sexual harassment case and his poor management of the department we have no confidence in his fitness to be a part of the hiring process for the Assistant Director position. He shouldn't have a say in the hiring.

    We demand a transparent hiring process for this important role impacting the safety of UW female students and staff.

    1. I'd like to know this too. I agree with (OMG 18314 @14b and @14g). Too many soothing words/bromides from UW leadership and not substantive communication, action, and opportunity for all UW students to know details. We're not fooled and to quote (OMG#18330 OP) "My lack of response isn't a submission to your will ... Actions speak louder than words,"

  6. Is there a meeting of people concerned about this who want to do something about it? The Women's Centre jumping on this?

  7. +1, that may be a natural place for this. I think there are ways to send anonymous emails to officials to let people know our concerns, without it being trackable, in case people are worried about reprisals.

  8. @6a I'm sceptical of the value of knocking on the institutions' front doors for answers on these issues. They'd likely give their favourite answer if asked "due to privacy we can't comment on that". Like all Canadian universities, they're happy to comment if the offending party is unaffiliated with university admin, like blaming/expelling students. But they close ranks concerning their own behaviour. Everything would go through the marketing and strategic communications office anyway, and their mandate is "managing the institution's brand and reputation - on our campuses and around the world".

    Besides, those groups can just be directed to this site and OMG. If they felt like it, they could post here.

    Sorry if I sound critical, I'm just cynical. I like your access to information idea about the finding out the details of the police investigation and what they've done since.