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Updated on Monday, October 29


If Just Energy came knock on your door and tried to sell you an electricity/gas contract, DON'T SIGN IT before you go online and find out how many people have been scammed.

MOD'S Note: People still buy things from door salespeople?


  1. I signed their contract a few months ago, but I didn't go online to authorize/confirm(?) it like they told me to, and my bill has still been coming from my previous utilities provider. I didn't know it was a scam...

  2. They offer electricity prices at a "lower price".

    When you buy from the regular utility provider, the cost usually includes the global adjustment.

    Just Energy drops their electricity price below the utility provider's total price, markets it as a lower price, and then adds in the global adjustment (often deceptively).

    Other provider: 8.5 Cents/kWh
    Just Energy: 7.5 Cents/kWh + 4 Cents/kWh Global Adjustment

  3. #1, your laziness has outweighed your stupidity. Congrats!

  4. @3: Actually, I didn't confirm the contract because I did the math comparing my current bill to their rates, and it was slightly lower to stay with my current provider anyway. But good job though, your douchiness isn't outweighed by ANYTHING! :)

  5. IF YOU HAVE SIGNED IT within the last 10 days, here's what you need to do:

    Call them and cancel the contract; remember to record the whole conversation (If you are using a smart phone, it'd be easy to do with an app)
    The customer service representative will provide you with his/her name and her/his employee # (which will be used as your confirmation # for cancellation). If the rep. does not do that, ask for it.

    Email them stating you want to cancel the contract due to the inaccurate information conveyed by the door-to-door salesman (You will have 10 days to cancel your contract anyway according to the Ontario laws). And state that you want a confirmation email by today or the day after, or else you are going to file a complaint with Ontario Energy Board.

    If it has been more than 10 days but less than 30 days,

    1)According to the contract, you still have the right to cancel it (although I'm not sure if they will keep their words since you are no longer protected by the Ontario laws after 10 days), so try the means above

    If it has been more than 30 days, and you found that the rates have been higher than usual and you think you have been scammed by the salesperson,

    1) According to numerous victims on the Internet, you will be asked to pay hundreds of dollars to get out of the contract

    2) If that's the case, call Better Business Bureau/Ontario Energy Board for help

  6. @1:
    That's because even after you signed with Just Energy, your previous utilities provider (I'm assuming Waterloo North Hydro Inc.) will keep collecting your money for JE.
    The only way to find out is call Waterloo North Hydro to ask which supplier you are with.